Swot and pest analysis of bangla link

There is a clear western influence on our culture and values. Bangladesh has very few input or raw materials of its own.

The economy grew 6. In a later part of this paper, nine competitive forces has been established after the discussion of the PEST analysis and the Porters Five forces analysis of the RMG industry ob Bangladesh.

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However, some recent political and economic developments are encouraging. Positive demand condition in local market along Availability of lands for establishment of industry with the cross border market EPZ facility with tax benefits Increasing demands for Bangladeshi RMG products Relaxed regulations for RMG organizations.

Dissemination and documentation facilities. In a sense, many of the weaknesses that can be remedied are opportunities. It is observed that information and communication technologies ICT development is running rapidly.

Currently RMG earns the lion's share of foreign exchange earnings. The economic system of Bangladesh is characterized by mixed economy in Bangladesh certain sectors of the economy are left to private ownership and free market mechanism while other sectors have significant state ownership and government planning.

Buyers are also interested in the growth aspect of the Bangladeshi suppliers. We must also avoid wildly inflated costs even on well-chosen projects. We are doing well in Page 8 the US because our garment industry is highly competitive. Exports in the last quarter of are also expected to show growth.

Unlike in the public sector of Bangladesh, in RMG sub sector, wages have increased during the last 9 years but productivity has increased more than wages have.

More than half of the GDP belongs to the service sector; nearly half of Bangladeshis are employed in the agriculture sector, with RMG, fish, vegetables, leather and leather goods, ceramics, rice as other important produce.

Waste occurs when an unnecessary and inappropriate investment is made. And the favorable attitude of the government is also helping this growth. In context of fast increase in labor wages and raw material prices in other major regional counterparts, such as China, India, Thailand etc, Bangladesh is well poised to remain most preferred destination for international apparel majors for sourcing world class fabric and finished clothes.

Since that time Bangladesh is facing huge challenges, including a political and economic, serious poverty problems as one of the world's poorest countries, annual floods on its low-lying coasts, power shortages and rampant corruption.

For the majority with poor education, the prospects for earning a decent income to move and stay out of poverty are not good. Ironically enough, opportunities can turn into potential threats. This opportunity has to be nurtured by the Bangladeshi industry to ensure its growth and profitability.

Companies can contribute to social and environmental objectives, through integrating Social responsibility as a strategic investment into their core business strategy, management instruments and operations.The SWOT analysis tool is great for developing an understanding of an organization or situation and decision-making for all sorts of situations in business.

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project or 5/5(1). Assignment on Banglalink - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. SWOT and PEST Analysis of Grameenphone Limited) Bang La Link.

Final Assignment on GrameenPhone. Banglalink Product, Price & Promotion Strategies. Case Study Bangla Link. Uploaded by. Abu Bakkar Siddique Rubel.

Assignment on GrameenPhone /5(3). PEST Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh. Cpd Mps Money. Monetary. The link between the community and its elected representatives at Union and Pourashavas level has received little attention.

There is also a need for capacity building of the local administration in terms of accountability and transparency. be the main topic on 5/5(1).

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The SWOT analysis of the industry reveals the position of the Bangladesh pharmaceutical industry in respect to its internal and external environment.

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Swot and pest analysis of bangla link
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