Test taking strategies for essay tests

Clarify confusing questions with the professor. If you're unsure, ask if this keyword means to use an outline format i.

Attempt to recreate the outline you developed while practicing for the test. When you are unsure of specific dates, just approximate dates. Employ Methodical Writing Organize your response as you would a 5 paragraph essay.

Only provide the information the instructions request. Teachers are usually looking for very specific responses to see whether or not you've learned the material.

Examine and clarify an idea. The body of the essay usually consists of 2 to 6 paragraphs depending on the type of essay and the information being presented. Relate personally to the topic and take time to consider movies or books you enjoy that relate to the topic, even though you will not refer to popular books and movies in your essay.

Essay Test Taking Strategies Review the whole test before you begin writing.

Use paragraphs to separate ideas. In many cases, the teacher is looking for specific types of responses. Chances are if you're confused so is someone else. In your answers, get to the point and be very clear.

Each question will have a central idea.

Essay Test Strategies

These points are typically the separate section questions. Compare and Contrast — Demonstrate the similarities and differences between two topics Analyze — Provide in-depth analysis about a topic Support or Defend — Take a specific stance and support it with facts or logical arguments Critique — Evaluate a topic from multiple perspectives Describe — Provide multiple facts about a specific topic, event, person, etc.

Be sure you have enough time before finishing to review answers. You may find partial answers to some questions hidden in others. A typical essay answer should be between and words paragraphs but more isn't necessarily better.

Make a simple outline of ideas for each essay question. Before answering an essay question, thoroughly read the instructions. Try to answer the questions from the instructor's point of view, remembering what was most emphasized during class. If a teacher has a difficult time reading or understanding what you've written, you could receive a lower score.

Reviewing your work is always a good idea. Essay Test Taking Strategies Essay tests are one of the most dreaded types of tests, but if you combine some general test taking strategies with specific essay test taking strategies, the essay test may prove to be one of the most interesting types of exams you take!

Get a good night's sleep before tests. Build on your strengths and work to make weak areas stronger. Devote more time to questions with higher point values, but devote the same amount of time to each question when assigned multiple questions of equal point values.

Tell them what you're going to tell them introduction: Budget your time equally for each question. As you review the test, jot down any ideas that come to mind. If you aren't sure about an exact date or number, use approximations that you are sure of such as "the early 21srt century" or "over a dozen".

Go back and review. Focus on substance over quantity. Describe the main points of a topic. Write clearly and legibly. Unfortunately, it's still one of the biggest test taking mistakes students make. If the question is asking for facts, don't give your personal opinion on the topic.

Indentify Identify essay questions ask for short, concise answers and typically do not require a fully developed essay.Most college exams contain essay sections.

Science and humanities majors are required to take numerous essay tests. Essay questions are used to assess how effectively students recall, analyze, and organize information. Essay Test Strategies. Essay test questions can be very intimidating, but they can also be very rewarding.

Unlike other types of exams (i.e., multiple choice, true or false, etc.) essay tests allow you develop an answer based on your understanding or knowledge. Test-Taking Strategies For 10 years, I was the one testing the students, teaching strategies and finding new ones to help students study.

Suddenly, I found myself returning to school and the anxiety, stress, lack of time, and just all the unknowns seemed to overwhelm my life.

Essay Tests

Essay tests are one of the most dreaded types of tests, but if you combine some general test taking strategies with specific essay test taking strategies, the essay test may prove to be one of the most interesting types of exams you take! General Test Taking Strategies Before the test - The most important test taking strategy is to know your subject.

Tips and strategies on how to take an essay test. Read the directions carefully. Pay close attention to whether you are supposed to answer all the essays or only a. This is a packet of test-taking strategies designed to be used with Test-Taking Workshops or with your instructor.

The topics covered are: preparing for tests, taking tests, and reducing test anxiety.

Test taking strategies for essay tests
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