William byrd the history of the dividing line

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Timeline of the Beard Family: Where They Were, What They Were Doing

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History of the Dividing Line

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E. Pearl, county seat commissioner. Approximately three miles south of Ridgeway in Henry County on U.S. Route is a Virginia State historic marker noting the passing of the surveying party of William Byrd II, who moved through the area in on his expedition to survey the dividing line between Virginia and North Carolina.

Belleview and Ingleside are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The History of the Dividing Line

William Byrd of Westover, the most accomplished Virginian of his time, has long been remembered for his charming 'History of the Dividing Line', one of the few pieces of urbane and humorous writing in American colonial literature The publication of Byrd's hitherto unknown diary, which he kept in shorthand for no eyes except his own, gives him a new importance to all persons interested in.

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The collection of William Byrd's writings consists of two leather bound, handwritten copies of Byrd's History of the Dividing Line Run in the Year (MssB99h) and A Secret History of the Dividing Line (MssB99s).

The former was likely written for public audiences and contains the details of drawing the lines, interactions with Indians, observations of the flora and fauna of the area, the health. The History of the Dividing Line, William Byrd.

Physical geography of the coastal seaboard's rivers, tidelands and swamps. Biogeography, the natural history (naturalists) of the mineral, plants and animals.

Economic geography, the political concern for taxation and Indian-white relations.

William byrd the history of the dividing line
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